Ariane Ahlmann

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Western Sky, mixed media on canvas, 16x20in., 2016
The Load, mixed media, 15x4x8in., 2015
Minutes, mixed media, 7x5x5in., 2017
Ashes & Feathers, mixed media, 12x5x5in., 2017
The Huntress, mixed media, 12x10x4in., 2017
Artist's Statement

My work stems from the idea that reality lies beyond our perception. The protagonists of my scenarios navigate through an incomprehensible and bizarre world where nothing is stable or absolute. We are not able to decipher the meaning of their behavior. I distance myself from the narrative. There is no story, just fragments of our human condition and the challenges that we face in the 21 Century.


Ariane Ahlmann is an emerging artist from Berlin, Germany. She had lived in Spain before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2008. From 2010-2013 Ahlmann attended the School of Visual Arts (Continuing Education) in New York City. Since 2014 she is exhibiting in group shows. Ahlmann is included in the 2017 Catalog "101 Contemporary Artists" by Terrence Sanders.