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Antoine Wagner

Studio Building
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Artist's Statement

 A.W. is a photographer and filmmaker. His multidisciplinary projects have taken him all over the world—to the 50 States in the US, the 25 countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa--making documentaries, photographs, writing & directing films, commercials, fashion videos and music videos. 2006, Antoine assisted M. Haneke. 2007 his short “Ball Trippin’” got attention at festivals. Went to  Bob Wilson’s program in LI. 2007: documentaries for The Met Opera. G.Krammer commissioned him to illustrate his composition for the opening of the Liszt center in Berlin. In 2009, directed MVs for renouned musicians. His latest still work was  Armani  and a show at Deitch Gallery  NY. Now; on tour with Phoenix, filming a doc.