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Annie Sailer

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Artist's Statement

I am a painter and a dancer/choreographer. The intent of my work is to evoke the unconscious. All of my paintings and choreography are generated by images that suggest specific, underlying content relating to emotional and psychological states of mind. Frequently an idea will come to me in one medium and end up being realized in another. Sometimes I work with parallel content in both mediums at once, each one informing the other. Some of my paintings and choreography are complex, abstract forms while others are clearly narrative suggesting issues of identity and archetypal, human dramas. In my paintings the latter relates to my figurative work and in my choreography, to the structured improvisations.


Annie Sailer is a New York-based visual artist and dancer/choreographer. The intent of her work is to evoke the unconscious and to express emotional and psychological states of mind. Sailer’s paintings have a post-Abstract-Expressionist/Pop aesthetic. Annie Sailer Dance Company performs throughout the New York City area. Sailer has a B.F.A. in painting from Webster College, an M.A in Dance from George Washington University, and an M.A. in Studio Art from New York University. She teaches as an adjunct in the Art Program at LaGuardia Community College.