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Anne Wodtcke

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
tire piece_one_2009 / out of a photo series (4parts)
plat(t)form_2010 / DV 10:30 min / video-still
thick skin_2011 / installation shot / DV 4:57min (loop)
I am working_2011 / DV 31.25 min / video-still
brush_2014 / DV 14:51 min / video-still
Artist's Statement

In her experimental set-ups for sculpture, Anne Wodtcke focuses on the sculptural process itself and the sculptural potential of simple movements of her body in inter-action with objects. These could be everyday items such as paper, brushes, twine, pedestals, tires, stools or inner tubes and truck tires etc. In combination with her body – these materials become time-based sculptures, documented mostly in video and/or photos. Recently sound has become more and more important for her work. Starting with the original sound produced during the process of acting/recording, she now uses recorded sounds from her archive and integrates her own voice in the process of sculptural narration - in her video-sculptures as well as in her live performances.


Anne Wodtcke (born 1954 in Berlin, Germany) studied at the Academie of Fine Arts Munich in parallel with educational science, psychology and sociology at the LM-University, Munich (M.A. 1979). 1980 – 1986 extensive travels to Asia, Central America and (West-)Africa, working as a journalist. Since 2000 independent artist.
2014 residency, ISCP, NY (USA); 2009 artist in residence, FE-Gallery, Pittsburgh (USA)
Recent solo-shows include thick skin, station foe 156, Munich; sculpture is (e)motion, Galerie en passant, Berlin; sculpture in action, Galerie Bezirk Oberbayern, Munich.
Group exhibitions include BYOB - bring your own beamer, unpainted art fair, Munich; sculptural narration - glyptikes afigisis, Museum Alex Mylona, Athens (Greece); future, platform3, Munich; heykelsi eylemler, bm-suma, Istanbul (Turkey) ; under construction, Galerie der Künstler, Munich; rock paper scissors, AIR, Pittsburgh (USA); global fusion, basement, Vienna.