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Anna Souvorov

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Nestled between abstraction and neo-romantic themes of allegorical landscape painting, the Crash Pictures is an ongoing series to explore a fusion of an exalted vulnerability and fragmented corporeality, breaking the periphery of the body as a container for life. I was motivated by the idea of a plane as an instrument of wonder and ingenuity operated imperceptibly from inside. The series was inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's ''The Wreck of the Hope'' as a prime example of Romanticism in nineteenth-century painting. The site of a crash is therefore a place for contemplation bridging the abyss between this passing life and the beyond.


Anna Souvorov received her B.F.A in Fine Art at The Cooper Union School of Art in 2004. In 2009 she was awarded a residency at the Beijing Studio Center in China. The following year she completed her M.F.A at the School of Visual Arts. Anna has since exhibited in several group shows at galleries in NYC including Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, Field Projects, Allegra La Viola Gallery, Dacia Gallery and other venues staging performances with The Push Pops art collective. Her main studio practice is oil painting and byzantine iconography at the Prosopon School of Iconology.