Anna Schrage

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Music and painting, -a spontaneous performance in the dusk on one of Brooklyn s most amazing rooftops.
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My first video about my work, i am an artist who just moved to New York City. I try to get in public with my paintings, i like p
Artist's Statement
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New York City is for me like my first destination as an artist. I have been travelling to different countries in the last years to get as many experiences and inspirations as possible and to see how this would influence my art. When I was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona we used to go to the Dance School to draw the dancers during their practices. At this time I started to think about how I could refer the movements of the dancers into three dimentional work and when i moved to New York City and saw all those huge fabric stores the idea came up to make doll-dancers.
At the moment Iam also bringing up my live paintings which are presented in the videos. Beside filming the scenery I recently do those live paintings at different events and let people take part in the process of a painting. Iam seeking for an interaction between artist and audience such as musicians do it on stage.