Anna Mikhailovskaia

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
'Pyramid' gold-leaf on paper, 20in x 20in
'Pyramid' and 'Zigzag' Installation View, gold-leaf on paper, 20in x 20in each
'31 Steps Closer' wood, flock 12ft(L) x 15in(W) x 8ft(H)
'31 Steps Closer' Detail of flock surface
'31 Steps Closer' Straight on view
Artist's Statement

I am interested in the idea of 'other-possible-worlds' alluded to in physics, religion, philosophy and myth. My work also draws from origins, astronomy, architecture, phenomenology of perception and out-of-body-experience.


Anna was born in Kiev Ukraine and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a Sculpture MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in Philosophy and Studio Art from Brandeis University.