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angelo bellobono

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Artist's Statement

His conceptual research informs his use of paintings, drawings, video and performance. Throughout his entire oeuvre Bellobono has placed human beings and the territory they inhabit at the centre of his artistic process, investigating issues of belonging and identity both from a socio-cultural as well as geo-biological point of view. Through paintings, performances and video animations, Bellobono seeks to break through stereotypes, decontextualizing people, objects and concepts


Solo exhibition
2012 “Atla(s)now project” at Marrakech Biennal
2011 “And then there was the ice” Wunderkammern, Rome
2011 “Tutte le lune del mondo” curated by Silvia Litardi, Space Metropoliz, Rome
2011 “About freedom” curated by Nicola Davide Angerame, Whitelabs, Milan
2010 “Eastside – The journey” Biasa Artspace, Semyniak, Bali, Indonesia
2009 “Low Life Wellbeing Center_Bunker House” curated by Alessandro Facente, Changing Role Gallery, Napoli
2009 “Lower east life” curated by Serena Trizzino – Envoy Gallery, New York
2008 “Chist’ è o’ paese d’o’ sole” curated by Alessandro Facente – Fondazione Volume L’Union, Rome
2006 “Temporary Civilization” curated by Francesca Franco - Galleria Il Sole artecontemporanea, Rome