Angela Hoener

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
A Romantic Landscape; Oils, vinyl & spray paint on stretched & cut canvas
Charmaine; Oils, vinyl & spray paint on cut canvas
Rainbow Twist; Oils & vinyl paint on stretched & draped canvas
Still Life After Matisse After; Oils & spray paint with deffracted plastic on stretched canvas
Sphinx; Oils & spray paint on stretched & cut canvas with wood overlay
Artist's Statement

While I am in the general category of painting, my studio practice embraces the expanded dimensional quality of sculpture. I am interested in simultaneous mixed structures. The sculptural aspects break down the conventions of painting to become a framing maneuver. This relationship with the surrounding unmarked space is an important aspect in the work. It forces the perceptual qualities of painting to reach beyond the canvas, to consider what is presumed about the surrounding perspective. I hope to achieve a simultaneous conceptual perspective within the canvas by exploiting inverted sources of history & fashion content. The act of observing affects the thing observed.


2015 We Gave Our Best, Now the Rest Is Up to the Hope Chest; Penelope;
Brooklyn, NY
2015 January; Mixed Greens Gallery; New York, NY
2013 New Works; King Art Collective; Chicago IL
2013 Open House Group Show; Salon 151; Brooklyn, NY
2012 Studio Night; King Art Collective; Chicago IL
2012 Saint Louis Consortium; Grandma’s House Gallery; Saint Louis, MO
2012 MFA Thesis Show; Sullivan Galleries; Chicago, IL
2012 New Wave Ladies Night: 2nd Floor Rear; Carousel Space Project; Chicago, IL

2011 Roger’s Grocery Project: Mess Hall; Chicago IL
2011 Flip the Coin; One Night Stand; SAIC; Chicago, IL
2010 Zarges Confidential; Vernissage Nacht; Frankfurt, Germany
2009 Hot Art Fair 09; Basel, Switzerland

2012 School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago, IL; MFA Painting & Drawing