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Angela Cappetta

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Joffrey Ballet Trainees 2012
Joffrey Ballet Trainees 2012
Joffrey Ballet Trainee 2011
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Joffrey Ballet Trainee 2011
Artist's Statement

Built on Toil
"There is only one sort of discipline, perfect discipline."
--George S. Patton
Reexamination of ballet photography has been ripe to happen since Degas formulated, in paint,
the notion that athleticism is bound with duty: these are professionals doing a job; these are
soldiers in uniform under the command of a general.
In photographing dancers at work, I seek to explore this discipline, and to consider how one can
cultivate such discipline before there is maturity. Furthermore, it becomes a lifestyle
choice propagated by the family. In is this transition from child to athlete-in-training I am most
Discipline in art is a fundamental struggle to understand oneself. In seeking to consider the link
between discipline and freedom, I am overarched by an ever evolving journey of recording the
beauty of toil.


2011 Love Letters to the Mountains, Medusa Projects, Medusa, NY
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Self Portraits (two person show), Exit Gallery, Reno, NV
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1993 Pictures of Children and Parents , Company Gallery, GROUP EXHIBITIONS
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