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Andy Cross

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Cross,"Mr Buckshot", oil on canvas, 78"x50", 2009
Cross,"Untitled:Song", oil on canvas, 82"x60", 2009
Cross, "The Viewer", oil on canvas, 36"x30", 2009
Cross, "Chief Double Cheeseburger", oil and collage on canvas, 36"x30", 2009
Cross, "Babylon" oil on combined canvases, 102"x92", 2009
Artist's Statement

We feel things through our eyes more then we see them. Seeing is a psychological experience. Therefore each new work is an experiment, in the language of paint, into the world of pictorial psychology.


Andy Cross 49 STEWART AVE, BROOKLYN, NY 11237 PHONE (757)-645-8245 • E-MAIL Born 1979, Richmond, VA EDUCATION: 2005 MFA, Painting, Hunter College, NYC 1999 – 2001 EXHIBITIONS (solo shows marked with •): 2009 Separate Entities, Museum 52, NYC 2007 •Greener Side of the Law, Mario Diacono at Ars Libri, Boston, MA 2006 • Unfinished Business, Kravets/Wehby Gallery, NYC PUBLICATIONS/ REVIEWS: “Game for History”, McQuaid, Cate, The Boston Globe, March 22, 2007 “Political Statement”, McQuaid, Cate, The Boston Globe, July 1, 2005 COLLECTIONS: Max Mara/ Maramotti Family Collection, Italy