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Andrew Mister

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
MIMETIC (in three parts), 2009-2010, Graphite on Paper, 89 x 135 inches
MIMETIC (detail fo second panel)
I'M HAPPY AND I'M SINGING, 2010, Graphite on Paper, 69 x 45 inches
WHITE NIGHT (DEAD KENNEDYS), 2009, Graphite on Paper, 44 x 43 inches
DEAD C, 2009, Graphite on Paper, 41 x 41 inches
Artist's Statement

Using pencils and paper, I create large-scale, hyper-realistic drawings of found and appropriated images. Inspired by Dan Graham’s video “Rock My Religion,” in which Graham draws parallels between rock music and the American Shaker religious practice, I have been especially concerned with pictures of crowds and mobs. All social gatherings, whether spiritual or secular, are inherently political. The main question I am asking in my current series is: Can a mass-produced cultural experience adequately address that culture’s spiritual needs, and if so, how? The graphite and paper I use reflect and comment on the inherently superficial and ultimately futile gesture of, for instance, celebrity idolatry. On the other hand, the sheer size and detail of the work, combined with the intensity, discipline, and mechanical labor required to create it infuse the work with a feeling of the sublime missing from the events the images depict.


I studied English and Philosophy at Loyola University, New Orleans and received my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana. I currently live and work in Brooklyn. My work was recently featured in the 2009 Brucennial curated by the Bruce High Quality Foundation.

My work can also be found on the White Columns Artist Registry: