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Andrew Hunt

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Artist's Statement

Using a combination of sketches and collages for visual reference, I quickly lay down imagery and forms in paint in order to preserve a fleeting thought or idea I have about a subject. This impulsive working process allows me to exploit accidents and misinterpretations, with the intent of generating new meaning for familiar subjects and narratives.

I combine line, color and fragments of found and fabricated imagery to produce personally significant and symbolic themes. I am interested in the moods that punctuate emotional life - amused, anxious and contemplative- as well as other nuances of thought, uncertainty and feeling. I re-create these tensions in my paintings, altering common subject matter to accentuate peculiarities.


Andrew Hunt lives and works in Nova Scotia and New York City. His work has been exhibited recently in Baltimore, New York City and Toronto. He is an adjunct professor of Drawing Design Studio and Color & Design at LIM College in Manhattan.

CV available upon request.