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Andrea DeFelice

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A single-channel, data-driven video, incorporating code and Twitter with 3 moving image sequences. Video shows doc of live piece
Mechanized light paintings w/light fixture, UV tube, daylight tube, UV pigment, motor/fixture, Arduino, wood, steel. 72 x 24 in
Artist's Statement

I work in a range of media including video art, drawing, algorithmic art, and mechanical hacks. With a background in new media, engineering, and sculpture, my work references different concepts behind technology and human behavior as responses to how we receive and understand information; particularly amidst the tech-evolution and the environments created from it.

To support the concepts, I move between and/or combine forms of media; making mechanical sculptures, hacked and re-built to be autonomous or interactive, I examine the compatibility between objects and the concepts explored. With video, digital art, and code-driven works, I use motion, effects, and interactivity to bridge perceptions of reality with those of illusion; to explore ideas about ourselves as we decode, investigate, and interact with technology and the world.


DeFelice was born in New York City and currently live/works in Brooklyn NY. She’s a Professor of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute, and Media Studies at Queens College. Exhibition venues include The Austrian Cultural Forum, The Invisible Dog, The Parlour Bushwick, Momenta Art, and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center. She’s exhibited internationally in galleries and alternative spaces in Romania, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, and Iceland. Her work has shown as performances, solo installation, video screenings, and in part of collaborative and public intervention projects. She's participated in several artist and engineering residencies in Europe and in the US, including Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York, and Hafnarborg: Hafnarfjördur Centre of Culture & Fine Art in Iceland.

Documentation of video, live, and mechanical works: