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Andrea Burgay

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
We Will Come to Love the World (Never/Forever #1) 2012 Collage 9 x 9"
Never/Forever #7 Collage 2012 9 x 9"
No God, Only Religion 2012 Mixed-media collage, watercolor 43 x 36”
Only Place You Can Go 2012 Installation at Flux Factory
Botanic Revelries with Ava Hassinger 2013 Installation at Local Project
Artist's Statement

Through a process of cutting, decontextualizing and layering paper images, fabric, and other materials, I create fragments of interior and exterior landscapes. Elements of the human and the natural world are combined in collages and sculptures that explore the cyclical nature of life, death and decay, the states of change and flux beings exist in, and the possibility of transcending the earthly realm. Similarities are revealed between our structures and organs, and those of all things that grow. The processes of these internal mechanisms point to our lack of control over the fundamentals of life- our nature to grow, deteriorate and decay over time.


Syracuse-born, Brooklyn-based artist Andrea Burgay studied at Purchase College, SUNY, and the School of Visual Arts, NY, where she received a BFA. Her sculpture and collage work has been shown nationally and internationally. Recently she has worked with Expose: New Orleans on a public project placing artists’ work on billboards throughout the city, had a solo exhibition at Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and completed a collaborative installation, Botanic Revelries, with fellow artist Ava Hassinger at Local Project in Long Island City. Burgay also works as a teaching artist in NYC public schools through the Studio In A School program.