andrea andreco

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"Black magic sticks". screen print, limited edition of 23, 2012
"the green wild man" installation and black paints. back view, 2012
"the green wild man" installation and black paints. side view. 2012
"Shrine" Wood sticks sculptures, Paper mask, Black oil paints. 2012
"Turtle's organs dance" installation. 2010
Artist's Statement

Since 2000 Andreco is researching on different topics as environmental sustainability, urbanism, ecology and the symbolism of the ancient rituals, inventing new symbols. He is interested in the relation between the humans and the Nature and he analyze it from different point of view finding similarities. Andreco's works can be based on the last environmental engineering researches and on the theories of the Alchemists of the 400 century at the same time.


Andreco was born in Rome, works between Bologna and New York City. Phd in environmental engineering. Andreco uses many techniques, from public installations to drawings, videos and wall paintings. Andreco worked for several international festivals, museums and galleries. In 2011 he had a solo show in New York City, titled “Contemporary alchemy, the relationship between the humans and the Nature”. In 2010 Andreco realized a installation in front the Bologna city hall titled “Turtle’s organs dance” and a wall paint “Bio city” for the public art exhibition “Cuore di Pietra”. In 2009 Andreco realized the permanent installation “The whale” in the Ancona’s city harbor. Between 2007 and 2011 Andreco's videos have been screened in internationals video art festivals, as: "Art shake"(Rome, Berlin, Termoli), "The Scientist" (Ferrara), "LPM"(Rome), MAPPING festival (Geneve), Short video art show (Katmandu, Nepal), "Glastonbury"(UK)