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Anca Pedvis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"United And Childless", oil on canvas, 48"x48", 2010
"The Loneliest Man In The World", oil on canvas, 40"x60", 2010
"The Grave Digger", oil on canvas, 48"x72", 2010
"Take Me With You", oil on canvas, 48"x48", 2010
"A Matter Of Time", oil on canvas, 40"x60", 2010
Artist's Statement


Anca Pedvis' recent work emerged from collecting and manipulating photographic material from the 1940-1960 period that proved to be conducive to a painterly re-imagination of portraiture. Her fascination is with people’s attitudes and postures in front of the camera, before photography became so ubiquitous and the camera a mere commodity. Anca Pedvis’ aim is to depict the psychological traits concealed beneath the “pose” that the subjects so self-consciously adopted. Sometimes she exaggerates the subjects' adopted “pose”, in an attempt to de-mystify the character’s formality.


Anca Pedvis received her MFA at the Bucharest Art University, in Romania. She is an internationally exhibited artist (New York, Paris, Geneve, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Tokyo) and has works in public and private collections in the USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Romania. She is the recepient of the UNESCO Award at the Grand Prix International d’Art Contemporain de Monte Carlo.