Amy Illardo

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Smith Point w/ LR 22x28, acrylic
Alpha Male 22x28, acrylic
Mistress, acrylic 16x20
Peacock, acrylic 1x20
Take a pill, acrylic 16x20
Artist's Statement

I am obsessed with trees, specifically- branches. I think because that stems from my obsession with line. Stripes. Color. Emotions. Every thing connects to every thing else. Painting for me is pure joy in the most selfish sense. It is the one thing that keeps me sane and content. While I am painting I am usually deep in thought over a person or a feeling. So in a sense, my work has an "art therapy" dynamic to it. I relate color to feeling and emotion, and am also interested in how color relates to other color, side by side. Sometimes it is pretty and sometimes it is ugly, but either way- it speaks.


Born 1972
School of Visual Arts BFA 1996
Syracuse University
Parsons School of Design