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Amelia Beamish

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Times Square
New York State Fair
Hair Salon
Artist's Statement

This project was started in the summer of 2010 when I moved back to Syracuse after graduating from FIT in New York City. One of the ‘souvenirs’ from my life in New York City was a mannequin. I never set out to do anything substantial with it, maybe scare some friends, have some fun with it, then pack it away in the attic to be thrown out in the next move. Instead I began photographing the mannequin around the house and created, where I post one satirically captioned photo every day.

So far the mannequin has only traveled within the tri-state area but I hope to take him further, ideally to Los Angeles. I got great feedback when I carried the mannequin around New York City. As one of the major media hubs in the United States, I think Los Angeles is the logical next step.


Amelia Beamish is a freelance photojournalist who divides her time between the city and upstate New York.