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Alyse Ronayne

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled (After Lee), 2011, Acrylic and Spray Paints on Paper with Push Pins, 4' x 5' x 2'
Untitled (Metal), 2010, Acrylic and Spray Paints on Paper with Push Pins, String and Bells, 3' x 4' x 2'
Untitled (After Dark), 2010, Acrylic and Spray Paints on Paper with Push Pins, String and Bells, 5' x 6' x 2'
Installation View, 2011
Installation View, 2011
Artist's Statement

The paper in my sculptures is coated in layers of paints to make a thicker, sturdier facade. Shapes are cut out and smaller materials, like foil confetti and scrap paper, affix to the surface. Each sculpture is hung to the wall with painted pins, pulled in directions away from the wall, and held into curved position by thread and silver bells. Though reliant on architecture, the paper is a sculptural entity. Recontextualized in my work as a formal device, the paper varies from functional familiarity (in a book, or other) to an alien aesthetic. The rectangle remains largely unaltered. The sculptures are surprising in their simplicity, luminosity, weightlessness, but also their cruddy, ugly, heft. The work seems to be balanced between extremes. Limiting the components challenges materials’ value; each becomes just as appropriate as the next, regardless of connotation. This physically warped, liminal space negates the need for hierarchy.


Alyse Ronayne was born in Detroit, MI and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. Her work has been shown in numerous two-person and group exhibitions in Baltimore, MD; Dallas, TX; Yonkers, NY and most recently at Extra Extra Gallery and Bodega Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. Her writing has also been published, in Possible Press' third Issue released at Miami Art Basel 2010.