Allison Green

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"Eve", Oil on Canvas, 60"x48". 2010
"Henrietta", Oil on Canvas, 60"x48", 2010
"Andrea", Oil on Canvas, 60"x48", 2010
"Aline", Oil on Canvas, 48"x72", 2011
"Nuclear Family", Oil on Canvas, 60"x48", 2010
Artist's Statement

Haunting, foreboding, yet warmly embracing, the forest has captured my imagination since childhood. I grew up spending summer days knee deep in thicket, exploring the woods behind my house, and developing a love and fascination for the diverse canopy of trees—the silent dignity of the massive tree trunks and the wildly exuberant mixing of leaves, twigs and branches.

For the past ten years, I have combined memories of the mystical forest of my childhood with contemporary studies of trees into large-scale oil paintings that explore the primordial fairy tale forest as a metaphor for the loss of innocence and the desire to return to a childlike state. This deep connection between trees and the human psyche has led me to my most recent series, Arboreal Portraits.


Allison Green was born in Philadelphia and grew up in a nearby rural suburb. Throughout her childhood Green lived on the periphery of a lush forest, an experience which has greatly impacted the art she is best known for today. Currently Green resides and works in downtown Jersey City, where she creates large-scale oil paintings intertwining themes from nature, such as the forest and the tree. Green's work was most recently exhibited at Susan Eley Fine Art in a solo exhibition accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog. In addition, Green's work is now included in the Brooklyn Museum's Feminist Art Base. The Feminst Art Base is the first online digital archive dedicated solely to feminist art.