Alicia Coe

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Success: Sewn yarn, collage, and acrylic
Flowers for You: Sewn yarn, collage, and acrylic
The Right Moment: Sewn yarn, collage, and acrylic
Desynchronisation: Sewn yarn, collage, and acrylic
Artist's Statement
The images presented here are part of a mixed-media project called We Communicate that consists of thirteen canvases which include sewing of images and letters in yarn, collage, letters, paint, graffiti, and block print. This is a conceptual project that explores the communication between men and women, who are dating, through text messaging. The main focus of the project is on sewing due to its historical relation to a female activity. Also, sewing involves piercing, which is related to pain, not only piercing of the material, but also of the fingers during the sewing process. At the same time, yarn has a hand crafted delicate quality that contrasts with the harshness of the words in the text messages. On the other hand, I chose collage from female magazines due to their high content of female symbols. The images in each piece relate to the dialog and represent a recognizable icon that can be observed in New York.


Alicia Coe is an artist living and working in New York. She was raised in Mallorca, Spain, by American parents. Her mother, being a ceramist and sculptor, introduced her into the art world. At an early age, she started working in water colors, ceramics, found objects and acrylics. In college she started using oil painting, which she still works in amongst other mixed media, such as sewing, collage, graffiti, and block printing. Her multicultural upbringing and having lived in major cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Paris and New York have greatly influenced her work. These cities have allowed her to explore acclaimed artists in renowned museums. Therefore, the seascapes and urban landscapes have equally imprinted her work. Although Alicia is self-taught, she is currently studying fine art at Pace University where she also teaches writing and an English through art course.