Alice Mizrachi

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Ahava" 2010- 67"x54" Cityscape series with hebrew calligraphy
"Brooklyn Bridge" 2008 Cityscape Series- SOLD
"Silent Samurai" 2010 Primary Flight Mural for Art Basel
"Satchmo" 2010- 9 Jazz Portrait Series- Private collector- SOLD
"Give" 2010- The Give Series Prints
Artist's Statement

From the streets to gallery walls to murals to clothing and illustrations; my work is versatile and universal and can be appreciated in all arts disciplines. Growing up in New York, I have been immersed in a culture that is constantly growing. Throughout my work you can feel the influence the city has had on me; the never ending desire to grow and flow. One common thread in my work is the texture and layers. I love to incorporate tactile texture that makes the audience want to approach it and feel it. Timeless and universal my images evoke a raw feminine feeling that leaves you compelled to know more. My art is a way to express to the world my journey as a NYC female artist now and in the future. I am logging my time here. This year I have been focusing on residencies in other cities with the intention of spreading my art globally. Please see more of my work at


Alice Mizrachi is an artist, curator, social entrepreneur, educator and community organizer. Born and raised in Queens, New York, she has long been an active part of the art community near and outside her home town. Alice has exhibited her works in galleries worldwide. Her works reflect a nostalgia for a city that once was- an urban subculture, gritty and thriving through a variety of buildings woven together as a colorful luminous cityscape; sometimes vibrant but always invoking a hidden tranquility. Alice has also been featured in a variety of niche publications for her hard work and dedication to the arts. She paints murals all over the world as part of her artistic ventures and collaborative partnerships. Recognized as a teaching artist, she is also busy as a co-founder of the YOUNITY Arts Collective (a womens arts collective)