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Alexandra Knospe

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Bridge and three red cranes
game over
on my way back home
sugar refinery, trees and the East River
Artist's Statement

Wether one is a newcomer or a long-time local spending time in a place creates memories, relationships and bonds. We all leave behind marks, traces, pieces that embody the absence of our departed presence.

My recent work is an ongoing exploration of the poetry that lies either in that strangeness or attachment to a place and how we waver between nostalgia and the impulse to escape and continues to be a personal journey to find a place of my own. To achieve an aura of aloneness and desertion in my large-format photographs I create most of my compositions without the presence of an human being, but my focus is always on the tangible evidence - a prowlers foot prints in the snow or marks and stains on the wall - that someone as been there and might return again.


Alexandra Knospe was born in Germany and raised in Europe. She studied photography and digital imaging at the Pratt Institute and now lives and works in New York City.