Alessandra Exposito

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Cinnamon Mixed Media on horse skull 23 x 56 x 18 2008
Cinnamon Mixed Media on horse skull 23" x 56" x 18" 2008
Midnight Mixed Media on horse skull 36" x 58" x 24" 2008
Snowborn Mixed Media on horse skull 16" x 24" x 18" 2008
Winter Mixed Media on horse skeleton 58" x 7' x 20" 2008
Artist's Statement

Cultural associations with animal trophies generally reinforce the idea that the animal is valued more in its death than in its life. With my decorative animal skulls, I evoke more sentimental associations of loss. A painted narrative depicts images of the horse, children growing and aging, and vistas of the land and vegetation on a fictional farm. Ornate antlers adorned with flowers, mushrooms, and mice call attention to strong associations with the land, and passing seasons.
I draw on similar themes in “Winter”. Though horses are typically portrayed as regal and powerful, in this full-size horse skeleton, the porcelain-like form appears fragile and exposed. “Winter’s cherished memories garnish his stark frame. This view, through a veil of memories, underscores an implied personality not usually attributed to a horse, and a wistful history rarely associated with animal remains.


Alessandra Exposito has shown in various galleries including, Mixed Greens, (NY, NY) Ambrosino Gallery (Miami, FL), the Academy of Arts and Letters (NY, NY), Schroeder Romero Gallery (NY, NY), the Nathan Cummings Foundation (NY, NY), Deutsche Bank's 60 Wall Street Gallery (NY, NY) and Art in General (NY, NY). Museum exhibitions include “Open House, Working in Brooklyn,” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, “Miniatures” at the Jersey City Museum, Special Exhibition: Alessandra Exposito, 21c Museum (International Contemporary Art Foundation), Louisville, KY, and “El Museo’s Biennial” at El Museo del Barrio, NY. Alessandra was the recipient of a Marie Walsh Sharpe Studio, and Skowhegan and MacDowell Colony residency. In 2005, she won a Foundation Award and a Purchase Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In 2007, she received a NYFA in Sculpture.
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