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Alain Leriche

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Love (Triptych) - Oil Painting on canvas - 3 x 5'11" x 20" - 2007
We all die alone (Self-Portrait) - Oil Painting on canvas - 5'11" x 17.5" - 2009
You promise we will always remain - Oil Painting on canvas - 5'11" x 17.5" - 2009
Cold as the silence - Oil Painting on canvas - 5'4" x 19" - 2008
There is nothing left to play - Oil Painting and baby shoe on canvas - 5'11" x 19" - 2009
Artist's Statement

I’ve always been attracted to painting. I started oil painting when I was around 7 years old using knife techniques. Later on I developed many interests in media such as video, sound installation and music. My art is a mix between minimalism and expressionism: balancing concepts of simplicity, continuity and discontinuity of our world, the confrontation between time and the fear of time, the conceptual and the relational. A game between abstract and figurative, I constantly seek to express an emotional meditation.

Always very curious, I needed to simultaneously experience many things and see them closer. Everything I do is with passion, becoming more and more emotionally involved in my work, charged by our environment, by love, by life and by death.



1989 Master of fine Art with distinction, E.P.I.A.R. College, Nice, France.


2008 Group show for the Tenth Anniversary Art Show of Contempt, New York, NY.

2008 2 Group Shows with the Antagonist Movement Art Show, New York, NY.


1995-96 Composed for the choreographer Joel Borges “Humeur Vitrée” Château Vallon’ Dance Festival 1996, France.

1991 Composed for the Philippe Maurin Show “La Face Cachée de la Lune” for the 13th MANCA Festival, France.

1990 Composed for the Choreographer Susan Buirge at Valrose Castle, Nice, France.

1987-89 Le Rich' Conducted consecutive art acoustic installations at Arson’ house, France.

1989 Le Rich' Painting Happening, Art-Junction, Nice, France.

1987 Zug Fat creation and performance of a multimedia happening show in theater, Nice, France.