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Adriana Varella

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Anthropophagous Banquet - video installation - 1995 - 15fx8fx3f
Transar in Cityscapes - photo installation - variable dimension - 2012
Meeting God - Video Installation - 2009 - variable dimension
Transpacific - Public art Project - Projection on building - 2010 - variable dimension
Spur Brooklyn, Painting video installation, 1999 - variable dimension
Artist's Statement

Adriana Varella is a photographer and video artist. She produces works in multiple media: installation, video and audio, photos, drawings, sculpture, performance, and site-specific public art projects. She has a permanent public art project installed in Palo Alto, CA. A 300 pages book about her work was published in 2011. Her last work is
"Transar in Cityscapes " It is about architecture and how she can subvert its patriarchal dimension; this project/performance seeks to desecrate architecture and demonstrate how some of its specific design works as a symbol of power. Built by and for the patriarchy; churches, museums, banks, limousines, mosques, military forts, castles, urban symbols and all kinds of government buildings are part of the architecture of oppression and domination that we intend to transgress and transform.We are using sex in public space as a revolutionary process leading to social mutation and metamorphosis.

Permanent Public Art Project
2005 - Digital DNA (site specific) - Lytton Plaza, University Street with Emerson Ave - Palo Alto, California
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 - Transpacific - Public Art Project, Trans small sketches, video installation, Oi Futuro Museum of Art and Technology - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Selected Group Exhibitions
Cityscapes, Performance and video –Dimanche Rouge, Paris, France
Transar in Cityscape, video installation, Mix Festival, NYC
Lumen, Anarko Art Lab – Staten Island, NY
Spectacles in Flames, Public Art Project - Flash:light Nuit Blanche –New Museum, NY
Invented House, Endless Bridge (Manhattan Bridge) – Leo Kuelbs Collection, Brooklyn and Berlin
Meeting God, video installation - Mix Experimental Film Festival - NYC
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