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Adam Handler

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
21 Dead Balloons, 46x56in
Boys and Girls: The Frolic-58x72in
Born in the 80's I- 56x58in
Banana Split ME-34x42in
La Madonna-50x60in
Artist's Statement

Mid-twentieth century America, Vietnam, the British Invasion, Andy Warhol’s simplistic commercial Campbell’s soup cans have long enticed me. To me, this era always depicted character and artistic freedom, liberation from “the man. Though I was born in 1980’s, I have often speculated how the feelings and emotions that conflicted the youth then continue to remain relevant today. That era in particular spurred my interests to create paintings that captured the rebellious energy of the time, while transforming the imagery into contemporary works that relate to my generation. Contemporary politics and economics, social interactions, views on love, life, and death are all compressed into my mixed media works.

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions:
May 2010- Adrian J Falcon Gallery, Del Rio Texas, Solo Exhibition
September 2010- Paper Kite Press Gallery, Kingston PA, 2 person exhibition
May 2011- New Art Center, NYC, NY Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibitions:
August 2009- POST Exhibit space, Calgary Canada , Solo Exhibition
April 2010- The Bendheim Gallery in association with the Greenwich Arts Council, Greenwich CT, Solo Exhibition