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Ada Bobonis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Windows" 2008 , installation view, aluminum, acrylic, digital image on duratrans, fluorescent, wood
"Stages,Mountains,Water",2012, installation view,industrial paint, wood, daveys board and translucent digital print
"Stages, Mountains, Water, 2012, detail, industrial paint
Variables” 2009 , installation view, wood , spray paint and digital image , variable dimensions.
“Sensible States”, 2007, installation view, wood, industrial carpet and digital images on velum,
Artist's Statement

During the past four years I have made five new installations that are part of a series in which I’m referencing the urban environment and modern architecture in Puerto Rico. I have continued to explore the relationship between the individual and his environment, the dialogue with a specific architectural context and the active or physical engagement between the viewer and the work. Although my work consist mostly of sculpture and installations, in my recent work I have added photography as a document while using sculpture or painting as a tool to interpret or define a specific location as I perceive it. photography enables me to document the environment as I travel through the city, while in contrast the other media I use are the result of a more exhaustive study of the environment and its context. By doing this I confront positions and languages in order to generate new interpretations or perceptions of place.


Solo Shows
2012 "Stages,Mountains,Water", Queens Museum of Art, New York
2008 “Proto : types/times/rhythms/patterns”, Espacio 1414- Berezdivin Collection, Santurce, Puerto Rico.
2007 “Sensible States”, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.
2006 “ Sketch”, Galeria Raices, Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Group Shows
2012 "Ñew York", OAS-Art Museumof the Americas, D.C
2009 “Dwell 2”, Douz and Mille, Washington, DC.
2009 “Space Unlimited” , OAS -Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC.
2009 “Coexistencias”, II Biennial of the Canary Islands- Architecture, Art and
Landscape, Centro de Arte la Regenta, Spain.
2008 “Resounding Space”, Douz and Mille, Next Art Fair, Chicago.
2007 “Family and friends”, Douz and Mille , Scope Miami.


2005 Pollock- Krasner Foundation

2010-2011 Space Program, Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, New York.
2006 Santa Fe Art Institute, N M