Rooftop Garden

Julia Sherman and Camilla Hammer have revitalized MoMA PS1's rooftop garden with a lively new salad garden, full of heirloom vegetables and an array of unusual herbs, including Salad Burnet, Savory, Saltwort, and Epazote. With its newly created irrigation system and mulch made from reused cocoa nib shells from Mast Brothers chocolate company, the salad garden will be open to MoMA PS1 visitors during normal gallery hours, weather permitting. The Rooftop Garden will be closed during Warm Up Saturdays.

Sherman runs the blog Salad for President, a platform for conversations and collaborations with creative professionals who share a passion for cooking, gardening, and home-grown produce. Hammer is an urban farmer and garden designer, serving as the Chief Garden Consultant for this project. Over the course of the summer, Sherman will document and elaborate on her work as the MoMA PS1 Gardener, featuring guest salad chefs on the rooftop. Stay tuned for an upcoming collaboration with the team of M.Wells Dinette.